Cindy Li

Cindy Li was a Software Engineer at Curalate in Seattle. She graduated from UC Berkeley (go bears!) in December 2015, where she studied computer science and became a boba milk tea snob.

Posts by Cindy Li

  • Building a Tracking Pixel in 3 Steps (featuring AWS Kinesis Firehose!)

    At Curalate, we need to be able to use data to demonstrate that our products hold value for our clients. One of our products, Fanreel, uses user-generated content to enhance online shopping experiences and product discovery. We record and store usage metrics from Fanreel but we also need to take those usage metrics and connect them to product purchases. If Fanreel analytics were a puzzle, purchase information would be the last piece and historically, Google Analytics or Adobe Omniture served as this last piece. However, every ecommerce site is different so sometimes the intricacies of Google Analytics and Adobe Omniture got in the way.

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