Lou Kratz

Lou Kratz is the Lead Research Engineer at Curalate. He received his PhD in computer vision from Drexel University in 2012, and then got hit by the start-up bug in the best way. He enjoys making cool stuff using computer vision and machine learning when he's not cooking, watching Jeopardy, or playing bocce. He lives in Philadelphia which he used as a primary subject for his instagram account, at least until his daughter was born.


Posts by Lou Kratz

  • Content Based Intelligent Cropping

    Square pegs don’t fit in round holes, but what if you have power tools?

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  • Brewing EmojiNet

    Emojis, the tiny pictographs in our phone’s keyboard, have become a important form of communication. Even Oxford Dictionary named 😂 the word of the year for 2015. Though maybe not worth a thousand words, each emoji evokes a much richer response for the reader than boring old text. This makes sense: people communicate visually.

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